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wet day, wet grass

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by Richard Boesch, Damian Hammett and Kris King

The Bedroom

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It was quite a party, my friends are still crashed,
I'm really regretting that I got so smashed.
My head is pounding, I feel limp as a rag,
I'd just lie here and suffer, BUT I NEED A FAG!

Oh no, the pack's empty, they even nicked my last smoke,
If I find out who did it, I'll castrate the bloke!
If my legs still work, better head for the door,
Gotta check out the place, and look for some more.

To my left is a door with a bathroom inside,
To my right is a stairway, steep and wide.
Which should I choose, what should I do?
Should I head down the stairs, or check out the loo?