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What else can one say about this group that hasn't been said before? Nothing, exactly! I shall therefore say simply that this is a collection of photos I've taken over the years that in some way relate to the band.

The bulk of them are of Logan Place - Freddie Mercury's home for many years - and a gathering place for fans the world over to leave messages of love and remembrance. The photos span a number of visits, including the 10th anniversary of Freddie's death when a memorial concert was held at the Hackney Ocean.

Other pictures include Brian May, performing with his band (comprising Spike Edney, Neil Murray, the late Cozy Powell, Jamie Moses, Cathy Porter, and Shelly Preston), at the Plymouth Pavillions.

All images taken by and copyright Kris King. Reproduction or use without express permission is prohibited.

Visiting Logan Place

The easiest way to get to there is to make your way to Earl's Court tube station, then head out along Earl's Court Road, cross over W. Cromwell Road (you can't miss it, it's enormous), then turn into Logan Place.

Please remember that this is a residential street - people live there, and they still live at Garden Lodge too, so be respectful when visiting. It is no longer appropriate to leave written messages on the wall and door!