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wet day, wet grass

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In the autumn of 1996 students taking the MEDA301 Multimedia module at the University of Plymouth were handed out the following assignment …

Tell a story around the theme of “a wet day and wet grass - who wants it!”, implemented as either a HyperCard Stack or as a self-standing Internet site using HTML.

Two other restrictions were imposed; it had to consist of 35 or more individual pages, and it had to fit on one 1.44Mb floppy disk. This is our effort for that assignment … have fun with it and please tell us what you think …

Richard Boesch, Damian Hammett and Kris King reluctantly present:

A Wet Day and Wet Grass title image

Welcome to the simple story of a man; hungover, disoriented, and desperately in need of a cigarette … a story you have total control over! It's your job to guide him through the haze of his alcohol induced headache, to seek out that elusive cigarette he craves so much.

Can you help him in his quest, or will you plunge him headlong into the deadly perils that await him at every turn?